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Reasons to Sell Your Home to a Cash Buyer

Are you planning to sell your home fast and hassle-free? We all know that's not happening if a traditional home sale is what you want. But if you sell your house to a cash investor, that is exactly what you'll get - a straightforward transaction. Check out www.easttnhomebuyers.com to get started.

Here are the more specific benefits of selling your house for cash:


This is probably the most obvious advantage of a house-for-cash sale. As soon as you and the buy agree on a price, it's a matter of fixing the documents and moving the payment to your account. A transaction like this can close in as short as five working days if all terms and documentation are in place. With a traditional home sale, you could be looking at weeks or even months.

No Backing Out

People can act like they're actually going to buy your house, until their lender declines their application, they found a house they like more, or they just changed their mind about buying. This can be extremely frustrating for you as a seller. With a cash buyer, on the other hand, you can consider the deal done as soon as a price as been agreed upon.

Rent Option

Some cash buyers purchase properties for a profit, either by selling it or by renting it out. If you're the seller, you may be offered the option to rent your property, allowing you o avoid the hassle of moving out or looking for another house to rent. This is certainly a convenient way of selling your property without having to deal with abrupt changes in your routine. Visit www.easttnhomebuyers.com for more info.​

No Repairs/Renovation

Another much appreciated feature of cash-only house sales is the fact that you don't have to pay for repairs or renovation, because the buyer will get your house "as is" - meaning in its current condition regardless. So whether the plumbing needs a fixing or your walls need a fresh coat of paint, there's no need to spend fortunes just to make your house look attractive.

Avoiding Foreclosure

If your house is about to be foreclosed, selling it to a cash buyer will give you the funds to pay off whatever you owe your lender, and start over on a clean slate.

Hassle-free Process

Finally, professional cash buyers are completely knowledgeable and experienced in terms of cash-only house sales, so you don't have to go through a long and confusing process. Selling a house usually comes with a lot of headaches, but you can skip this part when you have a cash investor working out the deal with you. They may let you decide when you want to move out. That means you will have all the time in the world to make the necessary arrangements, and relocation won't have to be a pain.
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